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Foodservice facilities operated by the NPC are presently located in Vancouver and suburbs Victoria, Kelowna and Kamloops. These operations are managed and controlled under the direction of four Trustees.

NPC specializes in the operation of food kiosks and cafeterias, with a flexibility that accommodates facilities ranging from small operations to full-size facilities, as well as specialized catering capabilities.
NPC foodservice contracts are well represented throughout the business sector including business and provincial government offices.


Unit Operations:

Lower Mainland

Robson Square Provincial Court Kiosk
800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
Est. 2004

Vancouver Law Courts Kiosk
800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC
Est. 1979

Vancouver Provincial Court Services - Cafeteria
222 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Est 2003

Port Coquitlam Law Courts Kiosk
2620 Maryhill Road, Port Coquitlam, BC
Est. 1996

New Westminster Law Courts Kiosk
651 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, BC
Est. 1992



Vancouver Island

Parliament Buildings Kiosk
501 Belleville Street, Victoria, BC
Est. 1951

Victoria Law Courts Kiosk
850 Burdett Avenue, Victoria, BC.
Est. 1962

British Columbia Building Corporation
4000 Seymour Place, Victoria, BC
Est. 1983
~ Catering Breakfast Menu
~ Catering Platter Menu


Thompson Okanagan

Kamloops Law Courts Kiosk
455 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC
Est. 1984

Kelowna Law Courts Kiosk
1355 Water Street, Kelowna, BC
Est. 1994


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