Executive Summary

NPC, operating within the Province of British Columbia, is a foodservice and catering operation offering complete in-house foodservice management and special off-premise catering for:
~ All levels of government,
~ Office buildings, industry, care homes, schools, social events
~ Memorial services.

Current Status
Presently there are nine contract foodservice operations in BC, which come under the management of NPC. These operations are located in the cities of Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna and Kamloops. The foodservice business is managed, controlled and operated under the direction of our Trustees. The day-to-day operation, supervision, administration and maintenance of the business are under the direction of the Managing Trustee and qualified staff. The present operations have been operating with success in a highly competitive foodservice industry, which has provided management with a long-term track record of operating procedures within this multifaceted marketplace. NPC management is determined to maintain this record.


NPC Trust

Products and Services
The foodservice facilities operated by NPC offer a variety of quality food items, beverages and sundries, plus our outstanding customer service. This combination has created an image that our customers can count on and our dedicated team of staff continues to share in our mission to be the best in the hospitality industry.

Description of the Market
Market conditions in the foodservice industry have changed considerably during the past years. Specialized food Kiosks have taken a key position in the industry. During this market shift, kiosks have competed aggressively with restaurants and cafeterias servicing client and customer needs. The foreseeable future will surely demand more accountability from foodservice providers to meet and exceed client and customer expectations.

NPC’s Objective
The NPC is committed to investing time and resources in order to obtain professional assistance in: planning, training, marketing strategy and market expansion, product research and development, creating new menus and developing interesting new eating environments with enhanced food presentations. The focus of the objective is to gain a greater understanding of our customer and client needs.
The challenge lies in designing a structure that is responsive to three prime organizational needs: a need for efficiency around the basic functions; a need for continuing innovation; and a need to be truly entrepreneurial so that opportunities as they develop from time-to-time may be tapped.

The annual net profit of operations will be deemed as the income of NPC. This income will be under the direction of the Trustees, with "registered charities" of British Columbia being the primary income beneficiaries of the business. The income contribution donated to "registered charities" will be reported in NPC Trust’s Annual Financial Report.


Partner with Us

NPC administers and manages your foodservice facility while working cooperatively with you to meet your unique needs. NPC applies its expertise while customers, clients and charities share the benefits.
One of the major assets that NPC has to offer is its centralized, fully computerized accounting system. We can provide consistent year end audited financial statements to verify sales, food costs, expenses and net revenue of your operation. Our longstanding contracts reflect stability in staff, partnered clients and customers.


Quotes to remember

If you're good to your staff when things are going well, they'll rally when times go bad.
-Mary Kay Ash